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This site is a part of the “Know-Prophet” campaign.

In this site, you will find MANY MANY links about prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). You can say that this site is like a HUGE POT for information about this Great Prophet (peace be upon him and all other prophets).

You will find links that offer you information about ISLAM in general, if you are interested to know about Islam too. Some links offer free stuff, like the links below.

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In the Full Light of History!

A century ago, the French critic Ernest Renan famously observed that prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was the only religious leader who lived "in the full light of history." By this, he meant that the Arabic literary sources --religious texts, biographical accounts, chronicles, and much more -- are replete with credible information about prophet Muhammad's life.
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  • Much has been written about the Prophet Muhammad (saas), from indepth biographies by Muslim scholars and non-Muslim researchers to sayings upon sayings of others. Muhammad ibnu Abdillah was born in Mecca in the year 569 CE. He earned his living as a trader and was known by his people as al-amin (the trustworthy one). When Muhammad (saas) reached the age of 40, the angel Gabriel came to him with revelations that established his prophethood. Muhammad (saas) was first ordered to instruct his immediate family on Islam, including his beloved wife Khadija, but eventually it was revealed to him that he should begin delivering the message to all of mankind. In the next 20 years of his life, he communicated the message of Allah to his people, and set an example for how each human being should lead her or his life. This is especially valuable since Muhammad (saas) is the last Prophet of Allah. In the year 632, the year of his death, the Prophet delivered his famous last sermon.



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